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Please see document : IJF Approved Judo Gi Rule Change  : 2015-jodogi-new-regulation

Judo South Africa Rules – 2013

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Please click here to see the New Judo South Africa Rules: JUDO SOUTH AFRICA rules 2013 fin

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As per the Referee Director, please see document …..new_refereeing_rules_eng

New IJF Rule – Jan 2013

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IJF Refereeing and Technical New Rules Seminar (3)

Drug Free Sport – SA Open – 2012

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Therapeutic Use Exemptions



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As the SA Open is a National Championship, any player that is on medication needs to check the list of prohibited medications (attached).  If they need to use any of the listed medication before or during the week of SA’s, they will need to complete a Therapeutic Use Exemption Form (TUE) and have it signed by their doctor (attached) and submit it to Drug Free Sport.  For more info see http://www.drugfreesport.org.za.   MUST BE SUBMITTED TO DRUG FREE SPORT 30 DAYS BEFORE THEY COMPETE.

Some examples may be asthma medication, some cough mixtures, some ritalin etc.

Please hand in a copy of the submitted application form to your team manager for their records.

TUE Application 2009 version 1



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